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Are you still trying to optimise your Cloud Strategy?

You’ve heard all about what the cloud can do for your business - improve agility, accelerate time to market, increase cost savings. You get it. You’re on board. However, with almost 68% of organisations using some form of cloud, few companies have optimised cloud strategies in place.

What are the barriers you need to overcome to get more value from your multicloud environments?

Can you optimise the placement of applications across multiple cloud deployment models?

What are the industry best practices and what results have they been able to yield?

Cisco and IDC have analysed how 6159 organisations from 31 countries are using cloud to power their digital transformation to help you answer those questions. Cisco Business Cloud Advisor (BCA) is a framework – based on primary IDC market research – that can help organisations improve their multicloud strategies while leveraging the industry best practices. The Cisco BCA questionnaire and resulting analysis address multiple areas such as cloud services, cloud applications,cloud infrastructure, cloud strategy, multicloud environments, security, and risk mitigation.

What is unique about Cisco BCA Workshop and Adoption Tool?

Unlike many of the competitors, Cisco offers a research-based, IDC validated (i.e. non-biased) approach to assess cloud adoption in an organisation and compare it against other organisations by industry, company size, or geography.

This approach provides a consistent and vendor-agnostic methodology to discuss cloud adoption based on business outcomes versus pure technology-based value propositions.

The recommendations issued are validated by primary market research studies and on a scale that is unprecedented in this space (over 6100 organisations across 31 countries).

The Cisco BCA Adoption Report can help you:

  • Gain visibility into your current cloud adoption and compare it against other companies by industry, geography, or company size.
  • Obtain high-level estimates of revenue, cost, and time-to-market improvements depending on their next level of cloud adoption,following the IDC maturity model.
  • Obtain preliminary guidance regarding what focus areas they should.



Logicalis UK has a strong pedigree of service delivery into the retail sector, many of our clients have relied on our managed service offerings for more than a decade. As the retail sector moves closer towards a desired omni-channel model, blending online presence with the immediacy of mobile retail and enhancing the in-store experience has become a reality for many retailers. Our Hybrid Cloud offerings bring together the very best in architectural strategy with cutting edge cloud native environments. Data science, analytics, artificial intelligence will all become the normal mix of technologies leveraged to enhance the retail experience and increase customer retention. Logicalis can help guide our clients through the numerous options and commercial models.


The NHS is faced with the demands of an ageing population, dealing with significant cuts to budgets, falling levels of doctors and nurses, pressure from government to offer longer hours and increased scope of service. Many of the most critical environments are completely dependent on I.T infrastructure and the skilled personnel who run the environment. Logicalis has developed a deep understanding of core system interdependency, our Hybrid I.T methodology seeks to remove complexity and repeated practices so often linked to inefficiency and delay to services. Our solutions can directly facilitate digital transformation of services and enable a new generation of patient centric care models.


As the UK government prepares for Brexit the pressures on the public purse are only too clear. Doing more with less, cutting waste and reducing overheads has become the normal baseline for every council and government department in the UK. Amidst some of the deepest cuts to public spending in a generation the need for innovation has never been greater, digital transformation of services to support not only increased public demand but also a host of inter-agency service models has many local council stretched to limits. Logicalis has supported many government agencies and councils through significant transformation, our approach to managed services and architectural efficiency ensures technology becomes the enabler not prevention of new service development.


Logicalis UK has supported the higher education sector for many years, our Hybrid I.T practice has delivered award winning solutions which modernise and automate entire campus environments. As the move towards cloud native service design increases our Hybrid Cloud model supports both private and public cloud utilisation. Our established methodology ensures student services can be optimised across all environments, securely and efficiently. New services can be launched in days not weeks, public cloud environments can provide a rich diversity of toolset and development options backed by true geographic scale and support.


The financial services sector has since 2008 been at the centre of a global transformation brought on by an unprecedented crash across the sector. Since that point every investment, decision and business choice has been scrutinised not only by the shareholders but more often the government bodies providing financial support. The digital age has revolutionised banking and finance, fin tech’s have eclipsed major institutions in the demand for customer retention and growth. Logicalis has supported the financial services sectors throughout the worst of times, our approach to managed services and technology innovation has offered reliable stability in one of the most volatile of markets. Our offerings across cloud and Hybrid I.T provide a solid foundation from which global services can be launched and developed. Our global reach and financial stability provide the scale and support required to transform projects from concept to reality.


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